“Nearly 3 years ago I thought I would try and get fit, I had been doing some boot-fit classes but not really feeling that I was improving or that any real weight was dropping off. Then I saw a post on Facebook about a new boot-fit that was starting with a young man called Sam.

After contacting Sam, and arranging to meet him to discuss nutrition and what my goals were, I knew I had found someone who would help guide, motivate and make me believe in myself and what I could achieve. My previous PT had not asked me about what food I was eating, or asked me to talk about my goals for getting fit, this was totally new. I felt that this was someone who would take his time to understand me, and what motivated me.

That was in January 2012 and by March I had booked onto my first race, a 5K trail run through Friston Forest. It took me 53 minutes to complete that race. I was so proud of myself that day and I haven’t looked back since.

With Sam guiding me to eat clean, and pushing me – just enough – in PT sessions I realised that each time I could do a little more, and in no time at all I completed:

  • 3 Trail races (15K)
  • Hastings Half Marathon
  • Brighton 10k (1hr)
  • 4 Warrior Runs
  • Kamikaze Run
  • 4 Tough Mudder’s
  • Weald Trail Half Marathon
  • Firle Half Marathon
  • Brutal 10k Trail run

I have Sam to thank for each race that I have completed, as I know I would not of achieved each result without his support.

To sum up, Success and Nothing Less”




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