“Before Pro-Fit most of my exercise was cardio based and I did it purely to be ‘skinny’ and to see low figures on the scales. It was really hard to maintain, as it wasn’t done in a proper way.

Training with Pro-Fit helped me change my views on diet and exercise; I wanted to see muscle instead of bones as a result of my hard work! I started toning up and putting weight on – without being upset by it – and my body shape changed, I gained muscle, lost inches and set new goals to reach.

My fitness improved hugely and in the year since attending the group training camps and working with Sam in PT sessions I completed the Warrior Run, Brighton Half Marathon, BM10k, Kamikaze Run, Ultra 12 and Tough Mudder.

My biggest achievement to date was the Ultra 12, where I exceeded my initial goal of running 25 miles in 12 hours by completing 45!”





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