Pro-Fit’s first Obstacle Course Training session at The Warrior Run

On any given Sunday:

It was a bleak and rainy start this morning, 10 wide eyed Obstacle Course hungry Warriors stepped out and up to the bitter January challenge that any mass of dirty water presents at this time of year.

Led by the ever enthusiastic Sam Tucknott the 10 recruits fought bravely through the initial round of tyre swings, bear crawls and crab crawls, over frozen grass and boggy ground.

And that was just the warm up.

Sam fills the Sussex air with positive chants of encouragement as he sends away his Pro-Fit Warriors to tend to their first round of obstacles. The repeated assaults give a very functional fitness work out, plenty of practical exercises covered with the wall, rope and tyre climbs, but more than that the ‘putting it together’ that can be so hard to replicate in the gym.

Sam led the group through short circuits, repeating the movements within a set amount of time. This first sessions circuit included sprint, crawls, wall climbs, balance beam, tyre climbs, bog jump, floor crawls, and of course the obligatory burpees.

Functional movements teamed with CV and real life environmental factors that so often catch even the fittest OCR hungry athlete in their tracks.

As Sam Says:

“My main aim for the sessions are for everyone to improve on obstacle technique and also fitness, we used certain movement patterns throughout the warm up and also our 20min fitness session that are all specific to OCR.

It was important to show the group certain movements that can be used to help build strength and also flexibility, something that can be overlooked.

It was also great to see the groups mental strength…not just with jumping though cold water but how far they pushed themselves on the timed obstacle circuits”

This is the first in a series of Sunday morning OCR group training camps based at the Warrior run assault course. The 90 minute sessions are a great way to prepare for any OCR or trail event that you have coming up, improve on the obstacles that catch you out or cause you sleepless nights. If you are not training for an event the sessions are also a really fun and fresh way to get incredibly fit this winter.

No two sessions will be the same, so if you think you will avoid the monkey bars…think again.