“SUPERSAM! Where do I start…the man has got to be the best motivational fitness trainer I have had the joy to train with. I first met Sam through my partner, who was showing some good results in just a few weeks of his Personal Training sessions, I thought, right, gotta have some of that! Sam got me feeling fit in no time and before I knew it he was pushing my fitness to a level I didn’t even know existed, yet I was comfortable with the training. Sam knew that I liked running and with my newfound love of exercise introduced me to the world of OCR (Obstacle Course Races).

I hadn’t run past 10k before I entered my first OCR – the 12k Warrior Run – it was amazing, and before I knew it I was entering into the mighty Tough Mudder, a 12 mile OCR. Sam got me ready to a standard that I could not believe and to my amazement I smashed my first ever Tough Mudder in 1hr 45mins, but that’s nothing compared to what I have accomplished since, in 2014 I completed:

  • 7 Tough Mudders (2 of which I ran two laps back to back)
  • 2 Warrior Runs (18km came 1st and, 12k came 3rd…and then completed a lap with the Mrs!)
  • Judgement Day
  • Hastings Half Marathon
  • Seaford Half Marathon (1:45 off road)
  • Brighton Marathon ( 3:30:29 )
  • Ultra Run 50k ( 5:30 )
  • 2 Brutal Runs 10K

Yes, all in one year! Sam is the man responsible for helping me reach the level of fitness required to achieve all of this, and enables me not only to complete, but to compete as well. I am very excited about 2015 as Sam and I will be pushing my training with more OCR races and the end goal of competing at the OCR World Championships and World’s Toughest Mudder.

That’s my story, now train for your story to tell.”





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